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Our engineers always use the latest global methods in designing our products to…

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All images of  TSA machine  have a guarantee of health and authenticity and ….

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Supplying parts for the company’s products and other market products is one of the company’s goals…

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technical and engineering group


Top manufacturer of industrial machines including vacuum presses, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis and… for stone, glass, metal, precious stones, gold, copper and… Design and commissioning Types of production lines such as roller presses, melamine presses, rolling presses, manufacturing of wood industry machines such as polishing and sanding machines, design and production of sorting machines, overhead cranes, electrical panels, upgrade services, repairs and optimization of machines Industrial, production of MDF forming press and PVC bending machine and…

پرس وکیوم تک سینی آسانسوری آغاج

Vacuum Press

Single-tray vacuum press for elevators, dossiers, rails, roller presses, melamine presses and…

دستگاه سی ان سی 2*4

wood cnc Machine

CNC stone, glass, metal, 3 simultaneous axes, 4 rotary axes, 5 simultaneous axes and…

ماشین الات صنعتی تصا ماشین
ماشین الات صنعتی تصا ماشین

Industrial Machinery

Training, repairs and commissioning of various Iranian and foreign industrial machines professionally…

Free consultation

Advice and guidance regarding training and repair and production and purchase of industrial machinery